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2023 April – Rejuvinit Beauty Price List US $

Shipping – ordinary post US $10.00
Rejuvinit Platinum Infinity Serum 10ml US $155.00
Rejuvinit Gold Anti-Ageing Serum 10ml US $70.00
Rejuvinit Beauty Skin Rejuvenator Oil 10ml US $50.00
Rejuvinit Beauty Soap US $6.00
Rejuvinit NAIL and CUTICLE Enhancer 10ml US $40.00
Rejuvinit HAIR growth serum 10ml US $20.00

Axhilirit Breeze (Asthmatic/Thyroid/Flu relief) 10ml US $30.00
Axhilirit E – Moisturising Eczema Oil 10ml US $30.00
Axhilirit E – Moisturising Eczema Soap US $6.00
Axhilirit HO – Skin Enhancing Healing Oil 10ml US $25.00
Axhilirit HO Ointment 25ml US $15.00
Axhilirit Pain Therapy Massage Oil (with coconut) 10ml US $15.00