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AXHILIRIT© E Moisturizing Oil 20ml (US$)

Axhilirit© E (ECZEMA) Moisturizing Oil with Baobab & Jojoba suitable for all types of ECZEMA prone skin, shingles, cellulite.
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Highly effective moisturizing oil suitable for use on all kinds of ECZEMA-prone skin, itchy and dry skin conditions, SHINGLES and Cellulite areas.

Ideal for use on eczema-prone and dry skin in the ears, on the scalp and on the eyelids.

Use as a bath oil. 

Contains: natural plant oils, pine oleoresin and oil, jojoba and baobab nut oils, geranium and tea tree essential oils, TRACES OF NUTS


Moisturizing and nourishing dry and itchy skin conditions on all types of eczema-prone skin such as

- skin eczema

- atopic eczema

- eczema-type symptoms on hands

- inside the ears

- on the eyelids

- stress related eczema

- scalp eczema

- seborrhoeic dermatitis

- contact dermatitis caused by an allergen

- vericose eczema

- mouth eczema

- discoid eczema (the round itchy patches that sometimes flare up for no apparent reason)


A drastic reduction in flare ups after use has been noted by most clients.

Clients with shingle-type symptoms have reported relief of symptoms while using Axhilirit© E for moisturizing the itchy areas. 


Directions: Apply a small amount of cream or oil once a day for maintaining and nourishing a naturally beautiful skin. Apply two to three times a day to dry skin. Spot treat itchy skin as needed. Add 5-10 drops of oil to bathwater for a moisturizing bath or add 5 drops to a soft soaped sponge before lathering the body when showering. Through experimentation, a variety of combinations of Healing Oil Products have been found to achieve the best results. 



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