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Rejuvinit Anti Ageing Cream 25ml (Limited Edition) (US$)

Rejuvinit© Anti Ageing Cream, ideal for depleted, dry and mature skin types.
Also used as an anti ageing maintenance regime.
Limited supply currently available.
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Current packaging size 25ml tub.

Rejuvinit© Anti-ageing Cream is an ultra moisturizing cream, ideal for mature, depleted or dry skin types

Also used as an anti ageing maintenance regime.

Age Spot reduction results may show from as early as day 5

Contains Rejuvinit© Gold

Rejuvinit© Cream can be used for anti-ageing maintenance purposes, or used as a moisturizing cream, especially upon the face, neck and hands

Most clients use it as a moisturizing, anti-ageing evening cream

Can be used as an evening eye cream

Beneficial for scar reduction

10ml is a month’s supply on regular skin

Expiry date is indicated on product

Keep tightly closed at room temperature 

PRECAUTION: Do not use Rejuvinit© products during pregnancy. Traces of nuts. 

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