Rejuvinit© Beauty Oil

Rejuvinit© Beauty and Skin Oil is a general skin toner and rejuvenator as well as a facial, neck and hand oil. Rejuvinit© is absorbed quickly by the skin, leaving a pleasant, uplifting and relaxing smell.

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Rejuvinit© Beauty & Skin Oil is suitable for:

*      Fine Line Wrinkles

*      Acne, pimples, adult acne, acne scarring

*      Skin Discoloration

*      Scar Care and Stretch Marks

*      Age and liver spots

*      Damage caused by sunburn

*      Excessively large pores on face and nose

*      Advanced Care for Burn and Cancer Areas

*      Stress Reliever

*      Mild Aphrodisiac and Libido Booster

*      PMS, Painful Periods, Heavy Periods, Hot Flushes

*       No preservatives

Remarkable results have been noted within five days of application. The older, more damaged skin usually needs a few more days to start showing the rejuvenating effects.

Rejuvinit© may assist in balancing skin, increases elasticity, tones dry, greasy, irritated and sensitive skin and is often used to alleviate or negate stretch marks and scars.

Sunblock and make-up can be applied within 5 minutes after application of Rejuvinit©.


Contains: Natural plant oils, oleoresin oil, proprietary blend of essential floral oils including pine oleoresin oil, neroli, jasmine, geranium and tee tree essential oils

Precaution: Do not use Rejuvinit© Beauty Oil during pregnancy. Not harmful if ingested. Healing Oil products contain traces of nuts. Safety section


The following information has been compiled from 20 years of personal experience and feedback from clients.

One drop of oil covers approximately 10x10cm of skin.

20ml contains approximately 500 drops of oil.

Shake bottle before use.

Use as a bath oil by adding 5-10 drops to bathwater.

Store tightly closed at room temperature.

We advise clients to keep a photo diary. Take a before photo and then every two weeks thereafter in the same lighting to follow your progress.


How Rejuvinit© works:

The oil is rapidly absorbed by the skin right down to the stratum basale where the skin cells are produced. Rejuvinit©  may stimulate the production of healthy cells and the normal three week replacement period of the skin may be accelerated, resulting in the rapid replacement and shedding of discarded cells. This may leave the skin feeling dry and tight. The skin may even respond with a low-grade inflammation while the old cells separate. During this time additional moisturizer may be applied to assist the shedding of cells. After this initial response, the skin should be more pH balanced and healthier looking. Some problem areas may need additional treatment.


Additional Benefits:

Rejuvinit© may relieve hormonal problems such as PMS, painful, heavy periods and hot flushes. It may also acts as a stress reliever and mild aphrodisiac.


NEW – Rejuvinit© Beauty Soap (Limited Edition):

Rejuvinit© Beauty Bar Soap is a natural cleanser, ideal to complement Rejuvinit© Beauty Oil and enhance the effectiveness of the product especially with combating recurring acne outbreaks.
Ingredients: Coconut Oil and Rejuvinit© Beauty Oil
Directions: Rub a tiny amount of soap onto a damp face cloth. Work into a lather on the face or other acne-prone areas. Rinse, dry and apply a bit of Rejuvinit© Beauty Oil for best results.
This soap can be used as a stand-alone cleanser and is suitable for the whole body including scalp and hair.




Anti wrinkle, general skin rejuvenator, skin discoloration:

Gently massage a drop at a time into problem areas (twice a day to start with) until desired results have been achieved.

A warm sensation, usually after several applications, indicates the restoration of cells and that adequate oil had been applied, from here on maintenance care is advised.

Rejuvinit© can be used as a rejuvenating and relaxing bath oil using 5-10 drops per bath.

Rejuvinit© can be used upon the eyelids and as a gentle oil around the eyes to alleviate puffiness and wrinkles. Use with caution as the oil may cause a burning sensation if it should come into the eye itself. Rinse eye with water. Non-harmful if ingested.

Maintenance care consists of one drop of oil gently massaged into a previously problematic area once or twice a week, or add 2 drops of oil to your daily skincare routine.


Acne, Pimples, Adult Acne and Acne Scarring:

The specific blend of floral essential oils that makes Rejuvinit© may assist in balancing the hormones in the body by stimulating the endocrine system. When the endocrine system is functioning correctly, the hormonal balance in the body is maintained.

If the acne is infected or open, treat with Axhilirit© HO Healing Oil until closed. Continue with twice daily spot treatment of Rejuvinit© until the pimple / acne / scarring / purple marks have disappeared. For best results, incorporate at least two drops of Rejuvinit© into your daily skin care regime.

Rejuvinit© is suitable for teenagers and adults of both genders.


Stress Reliever:

To relieve stress, massage a drop of oil to the back of the hands, and/or massage two drops into the throat area.


Rejuvinit© as an Aphrodisiac and Libido Booster:

To use as a mild Aphrodisiac, allow your partner to gently massage a few drops onto the chest/heart area. This works even better if both partners use Rejuvinit© on a regular basis.

The following information has specifically been requested due to many of our clients experiencing an improvement in their libido:

The specific blend of floral essential oils that makes Rejuvinit© unique may have mild aphrodisiac, calming and mood enhancing effects, as well as assisting to balance hormones in the body by stimulating the endocrine system.

When the endocrine system is functioning correctly, the hormonal balance in the body is maintained with the result that the body responds more effectively and faster to external stimuli that enhances their mood (makes them feel good or happy) as well as improving their libido or sexual drive and enhancing the sexual experience.

Female clients have found that with regular use of Rejuvinit© as a facial oil, applied directly onto the skin to the area over the ovaries and uterus or taking regular baths with 10 drops of Rejuvinit in the bathwater, female related menstrual problems, acne, PMS and even menopausal problems had been drastically reduced and in some regards addressed, making them feel confident in themselves, feeling more sexy and open towards their partners.

The same has been reported from male clients that originally purchased Rejuvinit© for scarring, stretch marks sustained during body building or adult acne related conditions. They have reported that their desire for lovemaking has increased, as well as their confidence in openly inviting their partners to participate.

Where both partners have used Rejuvinit© products, they usually only blush, stating that making love since using Rejuvinit© being ‘the best ever’.


PMS, Painful Periods and Hot Flushes:

Massage two drops of oil over painful area (ovary, uterus, back) to alleviate symptoms. Some clients have reported that heavy periods were alleviated with regular use.

For the alleviation of PMS, apply Rejuvinit© twice a day (2-4 drops) to the face or neck, or take regular baths with 10 drops of Rejuvinit© in the bathwater.

For Hot Flushes, apply two to six drops (per day) of Rejuvinit© at least once a day to the face and neck area. Hot Flushes may persist for the first ten to twenty-one days, after which clients have reported that they no longer experience this discomfort.


Scar Care and Stretch Marks:

Rejuvinit© has been found to be extremely effective in scar management. Childhood scars and severe keloids have been alleviated or negated completely by applying the oil twice a day. New scarring is alleviated very quickly, where old scars take more time.

Rejuvinit© has been found to have a profound effect on Stretch Marks, especially on darker skin and men in particular. Rejuvinit© alleviates and reduces the appearance of severe stretch marks on lighter skin-tones.


Advanced Aftercare for Burn Areas:

Rejuvinit© is used very successfully to assist in the healing of burn wounds and scarring. Second and Third Degree burns are treated with Axhilirit© to help in the accelerated healing. When sufficient healing has occurred and scarring is evident, clients start using the Rejuvinit© to reduce and heal the burn areas. Apply Rejuvinit© at least twice a day until the skin has healed completely or no further progress is evident.

Rejuvinit© is used to assist healing of older burn-scarring. Even scarring and burn keloids of thirty years old have improved drastically with regular use.

Regeneration of hair follicles and sweat glands may occur.

Please contact us with any questions as every burn survivor experiences physical healing in a different way.


Advanced Care for Cancer Areas:

Rejuvinit© is suitable for use on suspected and confirmed skin cancers. Apply Rejuvinit© twice a day to any suspiciously looking area, and at least two weeks after disappearance of suspected spot.

Clients suffering from cancer that had radiation treatment, applied Rejuvinit© on the radiation areas to negate the burn wounds. (Use only after burn area is no longer raw. You may use Axhilirit HO Skin Enhancer shortly after treatment. Consult with your physician as to their rules and regulations. Some medical schemes do not pay out if you use any other medication while having radiation treatment.)

Clients receiving Chemo therapy have used Rejuvinit© as a mouth wash (two drops on a glass of water) to help assist in keeping mouth ulcers at bay.

Clients receiving Chemo therapy have also used Rejuvinit© to help assist in the maintenance of their veins after chemo therapy sessions, gently massaging Rejuvinit© into the affected areas.

Some clients suffering from cancer massage Rejuvinit© directly into the skin over the affected areas.

Please contact us regarding further information on the use of Rejuvinit© and cancer.

Rejuvinit© Frequently Asked Questions:


Q – Does Rejuvinit© GOLD really work?

A – Yes, Clients rate Rejuvinit© GOLD the fastest acting, best anti-aging product that they have experienced irrespective of age or skin-type. We currently have clients in 35 countries.


Q – Are Rejuvinit© products gender neutral?

A – Yes, Rejuvinit© products are suitable for use from teenagers to pensioners of all genders.


Q – Is Rejuvinit© compatible with other products?

A – Rejuvinit© has been found to compliment and enhance most products, systems, techniques and modalities including Dermaroller and Galvanic Treatments.


Q – Is Rejuvinit© Gold Addictive as I just cannot go without it?

A – No, Rejuvinit© GOLD is not addictive. When you feel good, you want to stay feeling that way. Therefore your body’s insistence to stay feeling good.


Q – Can one ‘overdose’ on Rejuvinit© Gold?

A – Yes, one can ‘overdose’, creating a ‘sensitivity’ response to the product. Healing Oil Products were originally created primarily to assist with depleted, broken and blemished skin. When the specific combination of ingredients has done its proposed function of assisting the body, the skin does not need the specific product any more, or much less of it. This creates the need to tone down on treatments and allow the skin to rest at times. Our therapists have found that a few days of rest helps to enhance effects, insisting that clients treat for three weeks and rest for one. Alternatively, when you are satisfied with results, rest the skin every few days, or only apply Rejuvinit© Gold when a top-up is needed (i.e. every 3 days or so). Just as we train muscles to respond to our needs in a marathon, we can retrain our skin to respond in a youthful manner. Training is achieved with rest periods in-between.


Q – Can someone be allergic to Rejuvinit© Gold?

A – Yes. If you are sensitive to any of the ingredients, allergic to essential oils or have a very sensitive skin, you might experience a reaction when using Healing Oil Products. All the ingredients are listed on the labels. Please consult a healthcare practitioner if a reaction should occur.


Q – What about detoxification of the skin on Rejuvinit© Gold?

A – Yes. Clients may experience a detoxification period when using Healing Oil Products for the first time. This is due to the increase in blood flow to the skin while toxins may be removed. A flare-up of rosy skin, a tingling feeling, a tight feeling (similar to Botox), ‘dry’ and ‘flaky’ skin are all signs of the old cells being cast off and new, healthy cells being formed within the epidermis. Use extra moisturizer over this initial period to help shed the old cells faster.


Q – A drop at a time sounds too little, and only twice a day?

A – Yes. A drop of oil massaged into the area twice a day is the initial preferred dosage. More is a waste and can result in an ‘overdose’. Essential oils stay in the body for approximately 8 hours only. This allows the body to repair itself in a natural timeframe. As the skin returns to its natural condition, less oil will be needed and longer periods between applications. In the end, Healing Oil Products merely ‘reminds’ the body that it should stay on track with its proper functions.


Q – What is the difference between Rejuvinit© Beauty Oil and Rejuvinit© Anti-Ageing Serum?

A – Rejuvinit© Beauty Oil is a general skin toner and beautifying oil that is gentle enough to use on a daily basis for skin rejuvenation, dark marks, pigmentation, to address scarring, stretch marks and suspected skin cancer spots, as well as for hormonal related issues such as adult acne, PMS, libido concerns and hot flushes. Rejuvinit© GOLD is a fast acting anti-aging serum specifically for use on severe and persistent wrinkles and does not have to be used continuously.


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